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Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Competition  2018

What was it about?


The Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Competition 2018 was a nationwide art competition held under the umbrella of the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018.

We were encouraging children of Namibia to put their hearts onto the topic wildlife and create their absolute best wildlife art piece to raise awareness for Namibia's vanishing wildlife! 


The Competition was split into three different age groups and three different categories. An overall first prize winner was named as Kayamoja Wildlife Artist Newcomer 2018.


The first prize was an educational private trip within Namibia for the artist and one additional person to the Okambara Elephant Lodge, to meet and learn about rhinos in Namibia, including a great art supply package uniquely shaped for that journey. Plus a prize money of 5 000 Namibian Dollar.

Further each age group as well as each category had its own winner and the six winners did each receive an art supply package worth 1 500 ND plus an afternoon art class in Windhoek. 

See below the finalists and winners of this successful competition event! 

The children's work was for sale at the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 50/50 for the young artists and the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia

Finalists and category winner of age group   I :   5-10 years of age 

Sabine Sievers (Grootfontein), age 8

Winner category 5 - 10 years 

Melanie van der Merwe (Gobabis), age 9

2nd category 5 - 10 years 

Jade Eins (Windhoek), age 7

3rd category 5 - 10 years

Finalists and category winner of age group   I I:   11-16 years of age 

Yi Cai (Windhoek), age 15

Winner category 11 - 16 years 

Martha Hamwaalwa (Tsumeb), age 11

2nd category 11 - 16 years 

Mandolene Vries (Rehoboth), age 14

3rd category 11 - 16 years 

Finalists and category winner of age group   III :   17-25 years of age 

Mayke Ewald (Windhoek), age 17 

Winner category 17 - 25  years 

Samantha Mueller (Windhoek), age 18 

2nd category 17 - 25  years 

Antje Diener (Windhoek), age 17 

3rd category 17 - 25  years 

Finalists and category winner of Category: 'Endangered Species'  

Peter Johannes (Tsumeb), age 15 

Winner category Endangered Species 

Wanya Isaacs (Walvis Bay) - age 18

2nd category Endangered Species

Antje Diener (Windhoek), age 17

3rd category Endangered Species

Finalists and category winner of Category: 'Namibian Wildlife'  

Maria Pascoal (Windhoek), age 16

Winner category Namibian Wildlife

Claudio Diergaardt (Swakopmund), age 16

2nd category Namibian Wildlife

Ndapunikwa  Hileni (Ohangwena), age 15 

3rd category Namibian Wildlife

Finalists and category winner of Category: 'We care for Wildlife'  

Nicola Rojna Syvertsen (Otjiwarongo), age 14

3rd category Namibian Wildlife

Lydia Namable (Swakopmund) - age 14

2nd category We care for Wildlife

Antje Diener (Windhoek) - age 17

3rd category We care for Wildlife

Overall winner and awarded as Kayamoja Wildlife Newcomers Artist 2018

Peter Johannes from Tsumeb for his mosaic at the school wall: 

'Rhino forever'

Congratulations, Johannes! May your Rhino inspire many and you keep on expressing your passion for wildlife! 

Additional People's Choice Award

Samantha Mueller from Windhoek for stunning caracal pastel: 

'Night of the Caracal'

Congratulations, Samantha! May your passion and talent inspire many and raise awareness and love for our vanishing wildlife! 

Honorable mention:

3 submissions from Galilei Njembo (Okakarara)

Samantha Mueller (Windhoek), age 18 

Luca Mentzel (Windhoek), age 12

Jayden Böcking (Windhoek), age 10

A huge thank you to all you hundreds of young talented artist for participating and raising awareness and passion for wildlife!!! 

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