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Winter in Namibia, means stunning sunsets and best game viewing at the waterholes… but it also means cold nights and freezing mornings for women without work opportunities, and therefor without food and firewood - for children who wake up after a night without warm blankets and start walking barefoot at -2 C degree and without winter clothing 5 km to school...


Yeah, thats something a lot of people do not know about Namibia, that it gets freezing here in wintertime! 


Seeing the need on two sides inspired us for a new project: The Give2Give project! 


We organized best quality wool for a group of highly talented ladies without work from the old Dordabis weaving community and encouraged them to knit some warm & cute blankets, scarfs & co in children-size for Kayamoja! This unique Edition is now for Sale at our CRAFTS Online Shop with a twist: 

The Give2Give Project

Your payment will cover the material costs and fair payment for the ladies and support a trip to Bushmanland where your purchased goods new owner is waiting… You give to give and your scarf will be a gift to a child from the Ju/'Hoansi-San tribe in Bushmanland! 


So you will not be the one who receives a scarf but your wooly-gift will warm a child at night and on its daily march to school and we promise you this thought will make you smile as warm as them… 


Every single item is unique and made with love and you will receive a donation certificate via email from us plus the photo of your specific purchased gift being handed over to its new young owner!


Not only will you do double good by creating a little job for the ladies and a warm gift for the children but also will your purchase support our outreach trip to Tsumkwe (in the heart of Bushmanland) and surrounding villages to involve the communities without internet access into our program and create the opportunity for the children to enter our Kayamoja Newcomer Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition 2018! Our upcoming countrywide painting competition for children & conservation!


Simply browse our CRAFTS Shop and purchase your personal Give2Give gift for the wonderful children of Bushmanland! Enjoy your shopping and


thank you for your support! 

Meet our talented Craftswomen from Dordabis:




Update 29/09/2017

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you out there who supported our Give2Give Campaign! 

All wooly gifts have found a happy owner among the Ju/'Hoansi-San Villages at Tsumkwe area and your loving gift will keep someone warm during many Namibian winters to come! 

THANK YOU for your support! 

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