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Sometimes only a tiny spark of creativity or education is needed to inspire a fire of passion! 


The Kayamoja WE CARE project encourages children throughout the country to put their mind on the subject wildlife with a fresh approach! 


Our WE CARE sheets provide some essential & interesting facts about the animal, inspire each and everyone to think about why one wants to protect wildlife and then take our Kayamoja route to awake passion through art! 


Everyone can submit their conservation thoughts and paintings here on our website and we spread the word on our Facebook-Page further!

We are collecting all input from the children of Namibia and everywhere else in the world who participate over the years for our future plans of the WE CARE BOOK project, the printing of a book for conservation written and illustrated by the passionate voices and artistic talents among Africa’s children! 


The WE CARE project pays specifically attention to the awareness for the highly endangered African Wild Dog


Do you want to join the project and spread the word among your own children, at school or kindergarten, or among your class mates? 


Download our African Wild Dog pdf sheet, introduce it into your school or friend circles and start getting involved! Simply click on the picture below to open the pdf, print or save the file to your computer: (Having trouble downloading the file? Drop us an email and we send it to you:


Kayamoja ArtConnects WE CARE Project ​

You want to support our WE CARE outreach program and the printing costs of material and our art classes for disadvantaged children in Namibia? Drop us a donation here or browse our online shop here!


Thank you for your support! 

Please note: 

by submitting any writing or artwork through this form you agree to the Terms and Conditions and give permission to Kayamoja ArtConnects to publish your work on our Facebook Page, Website, Marketing Material and the Kayamoja ArtConnects book. 



Thank you for your creative support! 

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