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"Little Hunters" - Greeting Cards complete Edition 6
  • "Little Hunters" - Greeting Cards complete Edition 6


    The arty Greeting Card with a touch of the wild!


    Send greetings from nature with the „Little Hunters“ Greeting Card Edition.

    Six different themes available as single card or as set of four or six different themes in a set.  


    Here you are buying the complete "Little Hunters" Edition of all 6 different themes: 

    "Little Meerkats"

    "Little Serval"

    "Little Fennek"

    "Little Leopard"

    "Little Lion"

    "Little Caracals"


    Plain, simple and unique! Suitable for any occasion due to its plain inside with only a soft reflection of each theme. 

    300g highest quality 4/4 color print/matt; size 14,8 x 14,8 cm. 


    Every card comes with a recycled paper nature envelope. The clean style reflects the simplistic character of wildlife artist and founder of Kayamoja, Annika’s harmonic drawings of the wild. 


    25% of Sales going to the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust, which makes them a beautiful gift of giving for Christmas! 


    Shipping costs within Germany: 2,00 Euro (max 500g; 3,00 for max 1000g) 

    World:  4,00 Euro (max 500g; 7,50 Euro for max 1000g)

    SKU: LittleHunters
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