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Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust

Bank Windhoek - branch: Windhoek

branch code: 481-972

account number: CHK 8005 472 089

swift code: BWLINANX 

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  • "Zebras in Mara" - Fine Art Print - by Stefanie Gendera - Germany


    "Zebras in Mara"


    Fine Art Print, signed by the artist Stefanie Gendera


    Size 40x60 cm; Fine Art Print on 300 gsm paper;


    100% of the profit will go into the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust and handled as a donation to the Trust. No return. 


    Thank you for your support! 


    No return since your payment is a donation to the Trust. Thank you! Shipping fees: Namibia: free shipping, Germany: 5 Euro, world: 15 Euro. Shipping time 14 - 21 days.


    The Art Print "Zebras in Mara" comes with a beautiful donation certificate and makes it a wonderful gift of giving!

    SKU: zebrasMara