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The Kayamoja ArtConnects Newcomers Competition 2018 will open Entries on 01 September 2017 and close 01 December 2017.

The entrant:


To enter the competition, you must be not younger than 5 years and not older than 25 years of age by 1 September 2017.


Must live, or be professionally based, in Namibia.


Participants may enter a maximum of three Paintings; Drawings; Sculptures; Collage. 


Please not that all Photography and Digitally produced or manipulated artworks is excluded from Competition. 


Undertakes that the work is of his/her own origination and that he or she holds all moral and intellectual property rights in that work. 


By signing the registration form, the entrant accepts that any artwork, if shortlisted for judging at the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018 on the 12 April 2018 and then subsequently for any exhibition(s), that the organisers will not be liable for any loss or damage to the said artwork, however caused, either in transit to and from the judging / exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, or in any period in which the work is in their keeping.


Accepts that the work submitted will be available for sale in the exhibition(s) and on the Kayamoja ArtConnects website and online gallery for a designated period to be determined, and that Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust will take a commission of 50% of which a proportion will be donated to Save the Rhino Trust Namibia.


Upon registering and entering this competition entrants agree that Kayamoja ArtConnects may reproduce their work (at no fee and not for resale) only in association with the competition & exhibitions & any future project of the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust (including press/publicity/website & catalogue and any other printed material, flyers, postcards and posters advertising the Kayamoja exhibitions and future entries & projects).

There are separate prizes for the Newcomers competition.


Agrees to be placed on our mailing lists for our newsletters and any other information that we may send you, for the duration of the competition in the year of registration. Entrant's personal details will be kept confidential and not be passed to third parties.


A maximum of  3 (three) works may be entered into the competition.


For conditions about Image entries:


The image submitted must be true to the artwork (try to avoid unnecessary background), although your work may be photographed professionally to help you submit a high-quality image. The artwork shown on the image(s) must be available, if shortlisted by the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust, for judging for the exhibition at Windhoek on 12 April 2017 and for all the exhibition(s).


The image(s) and the completed submission form(s) must be submitted online. If you are unable to register or submit online we will accept images on a CD or a printed copy, clearly labelled with the completed registration and submission forms (available on request from Annika Funke, on 081 8116648) Please do not send any artwork to this address (!!).


Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust 

PO Box 22422 

Eros, Windhoek



Full details about entering online, including digital image requirements, will be given in the confirmation of registration email that you receive once you have registered.



PLEASE NOTE: No original artwork must be send in for Competition unless it is shortlisted and Kayamoja ArtConnects asked you to do so via email or phonecall. Online registration for first round accepted ONLY.


The image(s) and completed submission form(s) must be submitted online by the extended closing date of 01 December 2017. Entries received late will be invalid unless the competition is extended for any reason then entries received after the new extended.


All work must be new or recent (preferably in the last 5 years).

Must be the original work of the artist named on the registration form.


Must ensure, if the submitted digital image of the entrant's work is shortlisted, that the original artwork is available for the selection process (2nd Round of Judging by the international Judge, appointed by the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust April 2018) and, if selected, for the exhibition(s).


Must, if shortlisted for the 2nd round of judging, be the same work previously submitted as a digital image.


For the Newcomer’s competition, must not exceed 50cms x 50cms (including the frame, if applicable) and must not project more than 20cms from the wall.


The artist can indicate the sale price of the work on the submission form and this should include VAT (if he/she is VAT registered). This price will be listed in the catalogue and on our website. Or can leave that part for Kayamoja ArtConnects to determine.      


Where applicable, all work must be for sale. It is strongly recommended that the work is strategically priced in accordance with market value and NOT artificially overpriced.  The spirit of the competition and the exhibition(s) is that all works are for sale at sensible prices so allowing the public to acquire and collect works of art and support the cause.    Work that is not for sale cannot be entered into this competition. The price for works may not exceed ND 3 500. Remember we receive 50% of the price if a work is sold, and give 25% to Save the Rhino Trust.



If your work has been shortlisted it will be offered for sale on our website under ‚Artwork’ or ‚Kid’s Artwork‘, from the day of Exhibition 12 April 2018 until further notice.


Please Note: you are requested to let us know immediately by telephone 0818116648 or email: if your work becomes unavailable for sale in any Gallery so that we may update the website accordingly.


Work selected for the exhibition(s) must be available until the close of all the exhibition tours.  Please note for selected works this could be April of the following year.


All unsold works must be collected by the date in the confirmation email and or can be donated 100% to Kayamoja. Please note, the overall winner has to give his artwork to Kayamoja as a 100% donation, to be stored until such date of the opening of the permanent Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition. Please note that the 3 age groupsand 3 categories winners have to submit their artwork to the Kayamoja Online Shop until such day of selling. 


If you feel you have not been judged fairly after your acceptance of Kayamoja’s conditions of entry, please send us details of your complaint and we will review it within 14 days.

Conditions of Entry

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