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ENTRIES CLOSED! Thank you for Participating! 

Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Competition  2018

What is it about?


The Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Competition 2018 is an art competition held under the umbrella of the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018.

We are encouraging you to put your heart onto the topic wildlife and create your absolute best wildlife art piece to raise awareness for our vanishing wildlife! 


The Competition is split into three different age groups and three different categories. An overall first prize winner will be named as Kayamoja Wildlife Artist Newcomer of the Year.


The first prize is a an educational private trip within Namibia for the artist and one additional person to the Okambara Elephant Lodge, to meet and learn about rhinos in Namibia, including a great art supply package uniquely shaped for that journey. Plus a prize money of 5 000 Namibian Dollar.


What are the age groups & categories?

Age group   I :   5-10 years of age 

Age group  II : 11-16 years of age 

Age group III : 17-25 years of age 

All participants have to live or be based in Namibia. 

There are three different categories for you as topic to choose from:


Category   I:  ‚Endangered Species‘ 

Category  II:  ‚Namibian Wildlife‘

Category III:  ‚We care for Wildlife.‘


Each age group as well as each category will have its own winner and the six winners will each receive an art supply package worth 1 500 ND plus an afternoon art class in Windhoek by international renown artist James Corwin from the USA (taking place SAT 14 April 2018 only!). 


There will be a total of six winners from the different age groups and categories from which the overall winner will be appointed to become Kayamoja Wildlife Artist Newcomer 2018.


What kind of art can I submit?


The choice of medium for your artwork is totally up to you!  We accept from paintings in watercolour, acrylics, oil or drawings in pencil, charcoal, pastel or coloured pencil, crayons as well as any kind of sculpturing... Anything that you choose to express your love for wildlife!

Please not that all Photography and Digitally produced or manipulated artworks is excluded from Competition. 

The artwork must not exceed 50cms x 50cms (including the frame, if applicable) and must not project more than 20cms from the wall. (For more detailed information view Terms and Conditions of Entry

How to enter and submit my artwork?


Create your artwork, take a photo of it with your phone or camera and upload it onto our website! 


You can submit up to three pieces. 


If you have trouble uploading your files please contact us for a submission form via email: 

PLEASE NOTE: No original artwork must be send in for Competition unless it is shortlisted and Kayamoja asked you to do so via email or phonecall. Online registration for first round accepted ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your artwork you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions


What are the conditions for the selling of my artwork?


Only if your painting makes it into the second round of judging we will contact you and it will be required from you to safely ship the painting to our provided Namibian address.


The artist takes fully responsibility for shipping the artwork safely to the provided address. 


The international judge appointed by the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust will judge your painting only in the second round of judging and only after receiving the original one but it will now certainly be displayed at the Kayamoja ArtConnects Wildlife Exhibition 2018 in Windhoek. 


During the Exhibition your painting will be available for sale and the proceeds split 50/50 for yourself and Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust  of which 25% will be donated to Save the Rhino Trust.


You can set the price for your artwork yourself or leave that decision to the judge. The price of your artwork may not exceed the amount of 3 500 Namibian Dollar.


After the Exhibition and in case the artwork did not sell it will go over to the Kayamoja ArtConnects Online Shop for a period of 12 months with proceeds split  50/50 for yourself and the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust of which 25% will be donated to Save the Rhino Trust


After the 12 months period if your artwork did not sell you decide if you want it back (you will have to carry the shipping costs from Windhoek, Namibia) or if you will give it over as a 100% donation to the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust.


The artwork of the overall winner will not be for sale at the exhibition or the online shop but will be handed over to the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust to be displayed at the  Kayamoja Art & Conservation Centre, once up and running. 

Details for the first Prize, Rhino-Trip

The trip icludes the transfer from and back to Windhoek. It will take place at a choosable date by the winner and according to availability at the Lodge. The stay will be 3 days (2 nights) full board and including activitites. Main activity will be the Game Drive to see the Rhino in its natural habitat. The trip will be for the winner and one accompanying person. If the winner is under 18 years of age the champeron must be an adult.


Don’t delay and start drawing today!!! We can't wait to see your Masterpiece!!! 

Learn about complete terms & conditions of entry here

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