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ArtConnects Pilot Trip

ArtConnects Pilot Trip April 2016

We are happy to share with you that our first trip of ArtConnects was a total success!

Four girls from the Hope Village Orphanage had the chance to see and learn about lions, cheetahs and wild dogs for the first time in their lives!

Our first four girls, Tumi, Nanji, Josy and Maya (names changed) joining the trip to the "Harnas Wildlife Foundation" learned about the animals and their need for conservation in a very joyful atmosphere, expressed their feelings for them in their paintings and did connect with dog Lea and horses: Jack, David and Beauty.

What we as grownups plant today in these children’s hearts will make a difference to their young lives, and will grow into an awareness and appreciation within them for nature and wildlife.

Thank you Marieta, for welcoming us this time and supporting our project on-site at Harnas!

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