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Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018 - Feedback

This weekend the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018 is closing at the Fine Art Gallery in Swakopmund and we would like to thank everybody involved!

Thank you to all the artists for participating, for your trust in us and all your efforts!

It was a truly wonderful event and the first of its kind in Namibia!

We’ve reached hundreds of hearts and hopefully inspired many in this country for Namibian wildlife, for wildlife art and wildlife conservation!

Once again we would like to congratulate Roger Martin for winning the award: Kayamoja Wildlife Artist 2018 and Peter Johannes for winning the award: Kayamoja Newcomer Wildlife Artist 2018!

Great thanks to our international judge: Paul B. Dixon, Kim Donaldson and Morten E. Solberg and to all the young artists in Namibia for participating with great passion!

A special tanks to artist Carl Brenders and agent Christiane Katcham who’s painting made a record in Namibia for a piece of wildlife art been sold and was a huge contribution to the Trust! Thank you, to Tina from the Fine Art Gallery, Swakopmund for doing a great job!

While we are very happy about the success regarding media exposure and visitors of the exhibition we sadly have to announce that on the financial side we are currently not in the position to repeat the exhibition in 2019. But we are positive that the Trust and it's donors will keep on growing in future and we will be able to repeat the event in nearby future again!

Special thanks to Paul B. Dixon for his donation of his painting: “The point of a Rhino” to raise funds for the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia!

Special thanks to international artists Stefanie Gendera (Germany), Christine Lamberth (South Africa), Lieze Meyer and Kate Jenvey (Australia) for joining us at the great opening reception in Windhoek!

And special thanks to Robert Bateman and Anne E. London for donating their artwork as a 100% donation to the Trust!

Some of the artwork will still be available for the international market and can be shipped world-wide on buyers costs. So if you want to support us further please spread the word for our online catalogue:

Thank you all for your great support!

photos by: Susan Nel and Kris Barnard

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