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Kayamoja Christmas Greetings

2017 coming to an end we are looking back and are extremely grateful for all we were able to realize in this past year! First of all we are saying thank you to all of you out there for your support in 2017 and for making this year such a great success for Kayamoja ArtConnects!

A great thanks to all our newly joined supporting artists in 2017! Wether you supported us by donating art prints for our online shop or have created an unique piece of art for our upcoming Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition 2018, many, many thanks to: Phillip Allder, Robert Bateman, Adam Binder, Carl Brenders, James Corwin, Anni Crouter, Paul B. Dixon, John Foker, Stefanie Gendera, Kendra Haste, Kate Jenvey, Carina Kramer, Christine Lamberth, Karen Laurence-Rowe, Elke Le Roux, A. E. London, Justin Mark, Roger Martin, Lieze Meyer, Kabelo Kim Modise, Cory Salmond, Laurence Saunois, Morten E. Solberg, Jaidev Prasad Soni and Gunnar Tryggmo!

painting by Anni Crouter


Regarding our Kayamoja Trips the year started off with a bang with our first trip for 13 children from the Hope Village Orphanage to Etosha National Park! Throughout the year several trips to the Okambara Elephant Lodge, N/a'an kuse Foundation, Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Erindi Game Reserve took place and some special horse encounter excursions! Special thanks to Okambara and N/a'an kuse for all your amazing support during all the trips with you in 2017! Thank you to Karel Swanepoel for joining the team and giving the kids such a great time & inspiring art lessons!


Our Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Comepetition spread out over the entire country and has reached schools and villages all over Namibia! We have received hundreds of submissions even from the most remote corners of Namibia!

We cant wait to publish the amazing work and announce the winners at our Kayamoja Wildlife Art Exhibition Event on 12 April 2018 in Windhoek! Thank you to all of you and youngest artists out there for participating!

We are very proud to have such a motivated, talented and caring youth in Namibia!


Our first we care for wild dogs sheets travelled to Bushmanland into every little village and school and spread the message to care for wild dogs far!

With great enthusiasm whole villages joined in an active dialoque about the precious African Wild Dog followed by painting rounds for the young and the young at heart...

We are touched and very grateful for some special time with some very special people, raising awareness together and sharing thoughts and passion for a very special animal!


We've further succesfully launched the Give2Give Project in 2017!

A great project where you can help in two ways with only one little move! It is creating job opportunities for locals and creates gifts for children in need!

On top of it Give2Give is supporting the outreach trips to the wildest corners of Namibia where people do not have internet access and so in 2017 created the opportunity for those children to participate in the Kayamoja Wildlife Art Newcomers Competition and involve them into our we care Project!

A huge Thank you to everybody out there who supported the Campaign in 2017 and bought a wooly gift for the Ju/'Hoansi-San children!


Last but not least we wish you all a blessed and sparkling Christmas Season and a healthy, creative and fulfilled 2018!

Once again thank you for all your support for our work for children and wildlife conservation and we are looking forward to all great things to come up for Kayamoja ArtConnects in the new Year!

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