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Pilot-Trip to N/a'an ku se

We are happy to share some photos with you of our recent trip by ArtConnects. Chama and Mina (names changed) from the Hope Village Orphanage traveled to the N/a'an ku se Wildlife Sanctuary to meet wild dogs, cheetahs, lions and co for the first time in their lives! They have learned a lot from Given about the animals and the need for wildlife conservation. Both girls found their personal favourite animal and made beautiful paintings of them in their painting lessons in a nature inspired atmosphere! Have a look at their paintings and find out which species they gave their hearts to... This time the girls also learned about their environment and the natural habitat these animals need to survive. And who could be a better teacher for plants and how to live in balance with nature than Namibia's ancient tribe, the San people? Chama and Mina spent some special time with a San family from Tsumkwe learning all about the treasures one finds in our home country's nature and how to understand and survive in the bush and read the signs of the wild. A chat with our two young girls about what they think about Namibias oldest culture, before and after the encounter revealed that a huge eye-opener took place within them. We witnessed how prejudice towards the San, living their traditional way in Bushmanland, turned into great respect. Our two girls left with hearts full of love, personal blessings from this beautiful group of new-won friends and with some unique new dance moves! We would like to give special thanks to Susanne Müller, who made this trip possible by purchasing a painting for ArtConnects as well as to Given and for their special input of knowledge and passion with the girls.

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