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Imani Series 2016

Our Kickstarter for the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust:

The Imani Series 2016

4x black and white limited Edition Prints (150 copies only), signed by the artist Annika Funke,

Size A4 (21x30 cm) each print, Fine Art Print on Hahnmuehle Fine Art archival paper; 350 gsm; german etching textured paper for highest quality

Price: 165 Euro (free shipping worldwide)

100% of the profit will go into the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust and handled as a donation to the Trust.

Thank you for your support!

PLEASE NOTE: Item will only be available from 15/11/2016 onwards. You can do you purchase now and shipping will be processed 15/11/2016. Thank you. (Shipping time 14 - 21 days.)

Do your purchase now and reserve your special christmas gift!

The Imani Series comes with a beautiful donation certificate and makes it a wonderful gift of giving!

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