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Children painting for the Seals!

We cannot always travel to where the animals live, but that does not mean we cannot learn about what is going on in our country!

A group of girls from the Hope Village Orphanage learned about the fact that Namibian government still allows the killing of 80 000 Cape fur seal pups yearly, which takes place in the most cruel and inhumane way at our coastline.

For a day the children learned all the facts about the Cape fur seal that calls Namibia’s coast its home and even tried to dive like them ;)!

And even if the seals live far away from where these children’s daily lives take place they have decided to put their hearts onto painting these beautiful animals and to donate their painting for sale for “Seal Protection Namibia” to support their work in educating the public about the cruelty against seals, that still takes place on a legal base in Namibia.

Support the children’s effort and purchase one of their paintings today at our Kayamoja Online Shop.

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