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SPCA encounter for Hope Village

For the first time a group of children went to visit the dogs and cats of the SPCA Windhoek!

The kids learned all about the role of the SPCA, were very touched by the unique and also tragic stories of the pets and spread a lot of love!

The highlight of the encounter were the female cats and so they also turned out to be number one inspiration for the painting session on location!

We believe in the connection; to awaken passion and compassion for the animals of this planet starts with all animals and how we treat the street dog we meet on the way to school is maybe a first step to warm up our hearts for the idea to protect the African Wild Dog from extinction…

A great THANK YOU to Sylvia & Katie from the SPCA team for their loving input and thank you to Ndali for organising her first little Kayamoja-day-trip for the children of Hope Village!

Learn more about the great work of the SPCA Windhoek here!

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